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Main products: stepping motor, stepping motor driver,
Brushless DC motor driver, DC No
Brush motor driver and other products
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After years of experience, Dongguan bangtuo operation control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has made great progress in many aspects such as stepping motor driver, DC brushless motor driver, etc.
Focus on stepper motor driver and brushless motor driver, with reliable professionals, because professional so trust.
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Dongguan bangtuo operation control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Each major industrial automation industry control operator provides intimate
Services, to provide customers with a variety of value-added services.
 Bangtuo: successful cases
Specializing in stepping motor driver, brushless motor driver, brushless motor controller and other drive control products.
Dongguan bangtuo operation control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Company profile
Dongguan bangtuo operation control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in automatic motion control industry, specializing in: stepping motor, stepper motor driver, DC brushless motor, DC brushless motor driver and other products.
Our products are mainly used in automatic equipment, intelligent machinery, robot and other motion control products. At present, our main applications are: electronic industry, dispensing glue, soldering machine screw machine, grinding drilling and polishing equipment, AGV carrier... All kinds of automation applications. Our company can provide customized services to meet your needs is our driving force
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