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Main: Stepper Motor, Stepper Motor Driver,
Brushless DC Motor Driver, Brushless DC Motor Driver, etc.
  • DC Brushless Geared Motor

    DC Brushless Geared Motor

    Low temperature rise, low noise, low vibration, small volume, long life, low maintenance cost
  • Low voltage DC servo series

    Low voltage DC servo series

    Complete range of precision DC brushless motor products
  • DC Brushless Motor Driver

    DC Brushless Motor Driver

    Affordable and durable, wide application range, good performance
  • Closed-loop stepper motor

    Closed-loop stepper motor

    Built-in incremental encoder, small motor heating, low energy consumption, stable motor operation
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After many years of experience, Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has made great progress in many aspects of electromechanics such as stepper motor driver, DC brushless motor driver and so on.
Focus on stepper motor driver and brushless motor driver, have reliable professionals, trust because of professional.
Based on the details, the design is based on outstanding product characteristics, reliable product quality, outstanding products and service to our customers.
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Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. provides intimate services to major industrial automation industrial control operators and provides customers with various types of value-added services.
Bangtuo Success Story
Specializing in stepper motor drivers, brushless motor drivers, brushless motor controllers and other drive control products.
  • Automatic strapping equipment

    Automatic strapping equipment
    The automatic packing equipment can choose the number of packing according to the packaging requirements, and can also be designed into power-type or side-hitting types according to the user's production line to meet the requirements of different users.

  • Intelligent robotic arm

    Intelligent robotic arm
    The robotic arm can perform procedures such as folding cartons, placing finished products, and sealing boxes at the same time. The fuselage sensor allows the robotic arm to complete its work accurately and can change the operating mode of the robotic arm.

  • Four-axis soldering machine

    Four-axis soldering machine
    The screw manipulator platform is made of die-cast aluminum profile, and the processed parts are CNC carved, and the precision of the parts is strictly checked by the machine.

  • Sanding and polishing workbench

    Sanding and polishing workbench
    Professional desktop design, four-sided exhaust, built-in dust removal system, sound insulation of fans, no pipe connection required, clean air can be circulated indoors to reduce energy costs.

Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Bangto · Company Profile
Dongguan Bangtuo Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the automatic motion control industry, specializing in: stepper motors, stepper motor drivers, DC brushless motors, DC brushless motor drivers and other products.
Our products are mainly used in supporting applications of motion control products such as automation equipment, intelligent machinery, and robots. At present, our main applications are: electronics industry, glue dispensing, soldering machine screw machine, grinding drilling and polishing equipment, AGV truck ... all kinds of automation applications. Our company can provide customized services to meet your needs is our driving force ...
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